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At, we carry more than just pet beds.  Our Pond Supply Division specializes in pond aeration and fish safety supplies.

Petbeddingonline is proud to be an officially licensed dealer for the revolutionary POND PALACE fish protection and aeration system, Happy Fish air pumps, hoses, bleeder valves and more.

Totally Natural Appearance

Many people spend as much time today in their yard or outdoor patio as they do indoors, particularly when their season is short for outdoor living. In order to make his outdoor living space more enjoyable and pleasant, the designer of the Pond Palace (Happy FishTM) stocked several costly fish in his pond. He said, I had a blue heron swoop into my pond and it ate my expensive fish. That problem inspired me to create this new device that protects fish from predators while keeping the water clear. This is an aquatic accessory item that makes it possible to easily maintain a clear, well-aerated pond plus a safe haven for fish residing in the pond. The Pond Palace (Happy FishTM) is an affordable and effective way to maintain a clear and healthy environment for the fish. The Koi and other beautiful ornamental fish will love you for it, although the predator birds might not appreciate the hindrance to their daily supply of food.T he pond palace and pond palace II are also a great way to keep your pond from freezing during the long winter months, and is much more cost effective than most pond heaters.


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